Sqft of a bale?

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  1. I asked on the easygarden site, but maybe more farmers here.
    What sqft of land grows a bales-worth of hay.
    I have some orchard and oat grass seed to plant once I get my soil in good condition.

    My plan is to grow my own hay for my rabbits, using compost made here and a rototiller.
    All said, I paid about 25$ for dozens of acres-worth of seed.
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    Feb 24, 2010
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    Well, that's a highly variable thing to try to come up with. We raise alfalfa here on the farm. Our yield is about 3 tons per acre, which comes out to about 16 bales per ton. Now, that number varies from my neighbor a few miles away because we have different soils, different irrigation, and different fertilizing techniques. Then, if you factor in time between cuttings, that can change it as well.

    I guess the answer here is that there is no steadfast rule. I would recommend asking neighboring farmers what sort of yield they are pulling off. Check with your local cooperative extension service as well- it's a really underrated resource.

    Good luck!
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    What kind an size an weight of bales.
  4. Thankyou, that gives me lots to think about actually.

    This is my backyard Im talkin about, I have about 15,000 sqft to work with, whats that bout 1/2 an acre?

    But, theoretically, it sounds like this might just be possible.

    Im really getting in to this backyard farming, I cant have everything I want here, but I got alot to work with and if I can make this yard provide for my animals and myself, thats really what its all about . . .

    I was attempting to regain control of the lawn here and its been fairly good, but i got these grass-hay seeds here and Im not feedin a herd of cows, I got about a dozen or so rabbits.

    Its not that hay is too expensive, it gives me a project and I dont have to drive anywhere to get feed.
  5. Quote:I dunno, standard 3-twiner I guess . . .
    Im not looking for exact numbers, just roughly how many bales can I get if I plant say a 200' x 50' patch of hay-seed?
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    Yuma, AZ
    Yes! I'm sure the bunnies would love it so much! Good luck!
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    I bale hay in 4x4 600lb round bales. If I remember correctly, and depending on how tight the bale is, it takes roughly an area 10ft by 600ft for a bale.
  8. Quote:See thats perfect, thankyou so much!

    Thats roughly 100lbs of hay(wet or dried???) per 1000sqft . . . unless Im wrong, math was never my strong point.

    Granted, like DesertChickens said, there are variables to factor in . . .
  9. Ps- I obviously dont have a baler or any of that real hay equip, I see myself stooped over with my gas powered hedger mowing my "pasture" 3-4x next year.

    If I could get 600lbs of hay, Id be a happy guy!!!
    That would supply me with hay for a year for the bunnies!
  10. rebelcowboysnb

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    Dry.... Wet hay should not be baled. Its a fire hazard.

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