squabbling chickens


7 Years
Oct 21, 2012
Hi, hope some one can help, I had 3 light sussex hens for 6 months and then brought 4 other hens, they were all doing well until this morning when i went to let them out noticed that 1 would not come out. we left her for a while and 2 of the sussex hens went in to lay and they started shaking the ther one, now she is really lethargic and having trouble focusing. What is the best thing to do we have brought her out and on her own and i have put the 2 culprits an a seperate run.
keep her warm perhaps offer some electrolyte with a vitamin to perk her up a bit.if she's in shock the best thing to do is keep her warm bring her inside in a quiet stress free room. do offer a little water. she should come around soon. hope this helps. best of luck.
hi , thank for your reply unfortunately she went down hill rapidly, we did bring her him and gave her poultry tonic , but in the end she gave up eating and drinking so we had to put her down.:(

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