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    Jun 3, 2010
    Stupid question, but I keep hearing about a "squatting" behavior right before egg laying begins. What's that all about?

    Yesterday one of my hens that should be laying any time now (she's 19-20 weeks and fully red combed and wattled) was just squawking to beat the band (irritating my persnickety neighbor in the process sadly, so I'm expecting a nasty phone call-- even though it was only a thirty second squawk attack). Shortly there after she kept doing this weird squat and drop when ever my daughter and I would approach her. This is unusual for her, since she's a bit on the skittery side and tends to run off if she thinks that there is even a slight chance of being picked up. Is this significant for egg laying do you think?

    Also, if she starts laying, but my other two haven't-- is it still ok to introduce layer feed at this time? I know my Delaware, Sass is maybe days behind Cornelia (my prize squawking Barred Rock). But my other Barred Rock, Zinnia seems a few weeks behind (which is odd since she hatched the same day as Cornelia). Will layer feed be an issue to the non-layers?
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    It sounds like they are very close to laying. IMO....I think you could go ahead and start introducing the layer feed. I mix it half and half at first. I don't think it tastes as good as grower. Just my opinion.

    As for the "squatting". Yes. It is a sign that she is maturing. She thinks of you guys as Her rooster. [​IMG] So she is squatting for your... advances. And as for the yelling. Chickens do that. Some louder and longer than others. My one Australope is my loudest. She may scream for 3 hours BEFORE she has her egg and then nothing after she has it. Some of my chickens don't make the "egg song" at all. They just go in the nesting box, have their egg, sit a couple minutes and out they go like nothing has happened. Others may scream for 3-5 minutes afterward. Each chicken has their own personality.

    I hope this helps. [​IMG]

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