squirrel eating eggs!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by 2Myanimals, Apr 1, 2015.

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I caught a family of squirrels that are stealing my eggs. They even took one of my eggs to be hatched from under a duck. I think she must have been on her ‘break’ when this happened. Thankfully I have 2 big runs and have moved my flock into the fully enclosed run that is attached to their night coop. They are not in the open area where the squirrels can come and go. BTW, the egg stealing is happening from the opening to the coop that is from this open run area. They live under my shed and have a very complicated tunnel system. Has anyone had any issues with their squirrels. I need them GONE and while working on getting a couple of stray kittens to become barn cats for future population control, I need something to get rid of the current squirrels. Hope I won’t upset anyone but I am ready to get rid of them for good because I feel that ever since my barn cat ran away because of new dog, these critters have been over populating. The other predators are not visiting our property because of the dog so the rodents are in heaven!!
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    I also lost a viable egg to the stinking ground squirrels. Only time we had any peace was with a cat around. Unfortunately the cat would attack my doogs too, so we rehomed him. I've even set up q barrel swimming pool for them using sunflower seeds first then peanut butter. A month and still no takers. I'm seriously thinking about another cat. I think a stinking squirrel even had a fight with my hen while she was hatching as there was blood splattered all over her face. At least she apparently won. :) No babies injured. Good luck.

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