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    No way would I dump my problem on someone else. Dispose of them, it's not like they're a rare species.
  2. A very effective, and fun, trap can be made by filling a 5-gallon bucket about half full of water, sprinkling sunflower seed on top to cover the water, (they float) and setting a few boards leading up to the top of the bucket like ramps. Greedy little b*****d jumps in to chow down on seeds......how long to you figure he can tread water? ANSWER: Not long enough. I once had a family of red squirrels living in a shed and I used this rig on them. It killed all three in one afternoon; there they were all lined up face down in the water. I "recycled" them as bait in my weasel boxes. This works wonderfully on chipmunks and field mice as well.
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    You could cook the squirrels you kill and feed them to the chickens.
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    Or just eat em urself, squirrels mix well with chili.
  5. Breaded and fried hind-quarters are hard to beat! The only difficult part is that squirrels are just about the hardest thing on the plant to skin.
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    Couldnt agree more!
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    Finally I got a picture of one.I have to work fast otherwise my kids see and I am faced with,
    "Let it go,let it go!"

    I secured the trap.Caught a little possum the other day too. Tells me I got a momma and babies out there too.When the kids are back in school I am going to try my hand at skinning those squirrels.

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    Cracked eggsXDThe squirrel probally hit it with its knuckles to check whether it is a good nut or bad nut and it cracked,bad nut XD
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    My DH got me a pellet rifle for Mother's Day.[​IMG] Yeah, LOL! My father taught me to shoot from the time I was 5 or 6 so I'm a pretty good shot. Since we live in the city, i can't use my 22 but have become very proficient with the pellet rifle using the pointed pellets. If a squirrel falls close to my girls and is still moving at all, the girls dig in. I've seen them kill a rat before and squirrels are rats with fluffy tails. I say shoot 'em and be done with it. If the chickens get extra protein from a pest, so be it. I didn't know that the squirrels would go into the coop but twice in the last month or so I have found my bantam's eggs outside the coop and cracked. Only the bantam eggs - I guess the others are too big because I have year old Australorps and Brahmas - just the one bantam EE. Just me HO.
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    Your dh sounds like such a romantic! Lol. :lol:

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