Lard Cookin Chicken Woman
11 Years
Jun 4, 2008
Hillsdale County, Michigan
Oh my word... this sqwatting is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I have older pullets that I bought, already laying. I have never before witnessed the instant plop to the ground with feet stamping flat untill my now ! Looks like my 20 week old (that I got at 1 day old) Isa Browns may lay yet this fall!


11 Years
Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
I have 50 pullets. Two are already 30 wks old and the rest just turned 18 weeks old. I have only one that lays ann egg, faithfully, everyday. She is the only one that will SQUAT! I think the rest are into some kind of women's lib organization! Or they are very prudish, see a roo and RUN the other direction. I heard my DH talking to them the other night trying to motivate into laying mode. It hasn't worked yet.
Waiting and Watching for the SQUAT!

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