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    I have a Scientific project coming up soon and I want some good ideas on experiments in which I can incorporate my chickens.

    I have 10 hens, 1 rooster and 5 chicks.
    I also have an incubator that has 13 eggs which should hatch in 4 days or so.
    I have only about 6 weeks to this so anything involving breeding is sort of off the table.

    I want something with not to many variables. It has to be fairly simple ( not trying to compete in a fair, just want a top mark ).

    Thanks, Lucas[​IMG].
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    How about which type of feed(such as corn to oats, corn to layer mash) makes the birds produce more eggs? You'd split to have 2 coops of 5 birds each, then feed coop 1, example, corn, and coop 2, example, oats, and tally how many eggs you get from each coop, and who ever lays the most eggs, that feed is the winner!
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    A good experiment is to set up a few different waterers and see if chickens have a taste preference. For the most part, chickens have a pretty poor sense of taste, but it's been shown that they seem to have a preference for sweet things. You could have one waterer with sugar in it, one with plain water, and one with maybe a bit of apple cider vinegar. Measure the water before you put it out and then each day at the end of the day.

    Another good experiment is to take some layer pellets/crumbles and color them with food coloring. Measure the food before and then you can test if chickens have a preference for one type of colored food or another. Chickens have extremely good vision, so this would be quite interesting to perform!
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    Thanks to both of you...but I have gone with a whole different approach, not involving chickens at

    There are to many variables within a chicken or even any animal based experiment.
    Thanks again[​IMG].

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