!st timer Chicken Raised & Processed. (Slightly Graphic)


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Kingsville, MD
One year ago I was a far from raising any kind of chicken as one can get. Got hens, got more hens started reading about raising meaties and now I have 24, 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 pounders in the freezer.
Thanks for everybodies ideas and support.
Processed the CX'ers at 3 days shy of 8 weeks. Didn't get live weights, sorry. I was doing two at a time, seemed to work well. After enviscerating I placed them in an ice bath until all 14 were done. Cleaned up and rested. Took birds out of cooler and placed in fridge after rinseing and drying. Then started in on the second half. After they were all in the cooler I took the earlier batch and packed them in shrink bags and took to the freezer. Then did the same to the second batch, although they sat in the fridge ubtil the next night. Then into the shrink bags.
No help, all by myself. Long day. THIS WILL HAPPEN AGAIN IN THE FALL! Great experience for the whole family.
This is the first half I did in the mornbing. In the holding pen.

Here is the setup. Killing cones are off to the left behind the shed.

The Cones were not big enough! The first one i put in jumped out. So I used the leg lasso I saw on this greaty site.

nice setup

i like it

me personally i dont use any devices

me and my dad do it together, i hold th wings and feet and my dad slits the neck

the last time i did a turkey was crazy it was so strong that my arms pained for days from holding it hehe

im considering buying some ixworths for meat birds

they are similar to cornish X's
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Great job! Just be careful though... raising your own meat chickens can lead to more and more home food production. I was in the same place as you several years ago; had some hens for eggs, then more hens, then some meat birds. That progressed to dairy goats and kept going until we now farm full-time raising meat chickens, beef steers, sheep (for lamb), and dairy goats. If anyone had told me six years ago that I would now be farming for a living, I would have had them committed!
I hear you. I'm dreaming of more land. These chickens were easier then growing vegatables I think! Alot less work.
And they taste great.
Just made a family favorite casserole and grilled the legs and wings. Wonderful, and huge. Each side of the boned breast came in at 1 pound. And the nieghbors that got a freebie for being tolerant all asked if they can purchase some birds the next time.
Life is Good.

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