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    We're city folk who've caught chicken fever, and we're trying to turn the little building on our property into a home for wayward chickens. I learned a little bit about how to make a page here last night and posted all the pics I had to show the progress.
    Now I'm ready for critique - tell us what we're doing wrong and need to do before we totally screw it up! I've been reading on the forums here day and night, looking at some other sites, and looking at some magazines as well. Haven't been able to find any poultry books at the library in my neck of the woods. I know a chicken coop needs protection from the elements, predators kept out, ventilation, and adequate space, as well as a way to clean it. Nesting, roosting, feeding, watering, and dustbathing areas also need to be provided. Room for brooder isolation/quarantining rowdies/roosters/injured/new chickens is a must as well. So, have I got all the basic coop needs covered?

    Check out the pics on my page:

    Obviously not complete now, but here's how it's supposed to pan out: We intend to be able to collect eggs, clean nest boxes, feed and water chickens, without having to go into the coop. We are also planning on using the deep litter method, cleaning out once or twice a year, but also using poop collectors under the roosts which will be cleaned more frequently. The coop will have three solid walls: the 2 already built, and the one with the nesting box, which will only be technically solid- because of all the doors to gather eggs and access the shelf atop the box. The front wall engineering will be most challenging. It is the open side of the barn. The bottom half will be thoroughly enclosed, but the top 4' will be hardware cloth. However, affixed to the bottom half by hinges will be the rest of the solid wall that we can lift into place and secure to enclose the entire coop, thereby weather/critterproofing the coop as needed. How that's going to work out, I don't know, but that's what DH is planning.

    As far as roosts go, the only plans we have are "not higher than 36in, 4in wide for cold weather, removable for cleaning, and poop trays under each roost." For food and water, I'm considering building a low table like I saw in another coop, to elevate them above the litter. Other than that, not sure. Anyone had experience with nipple waterers and feeders that discourage billing out?

    desperately seeking advice! thank you, BYC friends [​IMG]
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    I think you have thought of it all! What a great building to get started with too. I like the hinged doors to enclose the coop when needed. I have to throw a tarp over mine, which isn't that big of a deal, except when it's raining, freezing and the wind is blowing!! [​IMG] I look forward to watching your progress.

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