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    I have heard of it being done, but I was wondering if it is successful. I got my kids and I a Hovabator w/ turner for Christmas and I am working on getting hatching eggs. I have two great deals in front of me, but the 'bator only holds 41 eggs with the turner. Can I stack eggs on top of each other with the turner going? And since it is thermal, not circulated, will it cause temp issues, or put the eggs to close to the heat?

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    Aug 14, 2011
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    Quote:On the side of the bator near turner it will fit an extra 6 eggs:) and yes you can stack around the egdes or wherever the heating element isnt touching-candle at day 7 and chuck all clear and resituate all eggs to accomodate!
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    I recently had to stack a bunch of eggs in my hovabator 1588. I had a total of 66, but most of them were Silkie eggs, so they were small.
    I stacked the smaller eggs and placed the rest along the egde on the rack. I had to hand turn all the stacked eggs.

    If you stack eggs with the auto turner, you MUST monitor the turner to make sure it is actually turning. If the eggs are too heavy, it may turn slightly but not go further. Stack as few as possible on the turner and stack the rest along the edge. Make sure you turn the ones on top of the turner as well as the ones along the edge.

    Here's a pic that Mahonri posted last month:

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    Oh, good to know! Most of the eggs are bantam Cochin eggs. Only about 6-10 will be LF.

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    I would not stack them in a thermal. The eggs on top will be too hot. Just a +2f change in temp fried most of my NYD my eggs. [​IMG] With a fan the air temp is consistent so it works ok.

    If you want to fit in extras I'd try sitting them at the side and making sure they are as close to the same height of the other eggs as possible. [​IMG]

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