Staggering during molt - anyone experienced this?

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    My other BR hen, now 22 months, is molting. She has lost a lot of feathers on her back, neck and so on. The pins are starting to come through.

    On Tuesday she started walking funny, sort of crouched at times and walking around in large circles. Now she is starting to tighten the circle and looks drunk.

    Has anyone experienced this, if so why does it happened and how how will it last?
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    What all do you feed ?
    how much ?

    feather groth is mostly proteins, so I'd say to add poultry vitamins and electrolytes to her water . You may want to feed her a hand ful of dry kitty kibble, it's 35% protein, maybe twice a week, or offer her a tin of beef cat food , and see hiow she goes, she may be starving ...
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    Quote:Feathers are made up of 85% protein. I learned this from a peer reviewed paper proposing feeding feathermeal to cattle since it has such a high protein content.

    Here's what they have been eating since beginning of December when I saw my other BR starting to molt. Before that they where on 16% layer, free choice.

    24% Gamebird/Showbird feed - Free choice
    Lysine 1.20%
    Methionine .45%
    Crude Fat 3.00%
    Crude Fiber 5.00%
    Calcium 1.00%
    Phosphorus .90%
    Salt .70%

    Yogurt Protein 16% - a small amount between 4 birds -2X a week
    Calcium 30%
    Potassium 11%

    Cultured buttermilk - "
    18% protein
    Vitamin A 10%
    Vitamin C 4%
    Calcium 30%
    Vitamin D 25%

    In addition they get a small amount of canned Salmon
    Protein 22%
    Calcium 10%
    Zinc 2%
    Magnesium 4%

    At night when it is cold they get 1 Cup Boss or some whole kernel canned corn (between 4 birds).

    They also have vitamins/electrolytes added to their water between 3 and 5 days at a time, as recommend on the packet instructions.

    I have read posts where people have reported "staggering" or "drunk" chicken during a molt.
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