Staggering hatches..questions and shopping list ideas...


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Sep 27, 2008
I'm going to be staggering our hatches (adding some in at different points) and have some questions...

Is the only way to successfully do this is, is by having a second 'bator for hatching?
If so, can you use one of the less expensive ones?
And what would you recommend?
(Under 75$...this venture has already made my husbands eyes bulge!
..course I told him it was either baby chickies or another baby...he chose the chickies

Also, I'm going to the store tomorrow to try and buy the rest of the stuff I need to get cookin'....with the genesis w/ auto turner, what exactly do I need?
I was planning on buying a wiggler (if I can find one), a probe thermometer to go in it (can you use a cooking thermometer?) , and a hygrometer.....anything else? I'm planning on going to good old Wally World and just want to have my shopping list ready.

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Most people say that it is best to have a seperate incubator for hatching. I did not do this, and my first 2 hatches were fine. My next set of hatches were both flops. You can get one of the LG still air incubators to use just for hatching. I got mine for around $50 from my local feed store. A lot of people use these as hatchers.
As far as the water wigglers, good luck finding one! I had to order some of the internet. Someone said you could make one out of a ziploc baggie. Fill it 1/3 with water, fold it over, and stuff it inside an empty toilet paper roll. Then you just stick the probe in the center, between the two sides, and it works just as well.
I tried using a meat thermometer in my water wiggler, and I had worse temperature swings with that, than just using the regular thermometer/hygrometer. I believe Walmart has some indoor/outdoor thermometer/hygrometers that have probes, might be better to get one of those. they run around $20-30, I think. I just use the regular therm/hygrometer, with no wiggler, in mine.
Hatching eggs in the same incubator as other eggs that are incubating, can cause a lot of bacteria, making poor hatches. It wouldn't affect the first few hatches much, but it would more likely in later hatches.
I am not familiar with the genesis, but I think it's the one that ppl have said you just add eggs and water? Is this the one? Maybe someone else will come along with info on that. Good luck, and happy hatching!
my hydrometer/thermometer i got for 7.00 in walmarts hardware department where the outdoor and indoor thermometers are.

the wiggle i got a the dollar store, but i have seen them at walmart for .88 in the cheap toy section in the toy department...novelty toys i think they called them.
I stagger all the time and use a Hova Bator Still Air for hatching, I paid about $40.00 for it from my local feed store.
I thought about makingone this last hatch as I ran pretty close together, but honestly between the items to make and time it would probably come out about the same.
I have 3 accurite therm.hygrometers and have been frustrated, I ended up buying an indoor/outdoor therm with hygro and it is way more accurate.
Staggering is fun, at least I think so, cause every little bit, it's like christmas again with chicks hatching. I just had some had yesterday. My turkey eggs don't go to the hatcher until next Tuesday, I am bored at the moment.
But I am also getting ready to set 30+ eggs, I had to borrow another bator though.....cause mine is full
The LGs or Hovabators are fine for hatching.
I really would recommend a second bator for staggered hatches. I know there are people that incubate with just the one but I think its risky.
I just got a genesis and LOVE it for temp stability. Not counting when I've opened the bator to add water or candle I haven't seen the temps fluctuate more than about half a degree from the present temp, and most days not more than .2 It also holds humidity way better then my LG did, which is super important since I live in an extremely dry area.

I just bought another genesis for staggered hatches. If you have the auto turner, you'll want a hatcher because the babies can get their legs caught in the turner, and they zoom all over the place in there once they hatch out (except for their frequent naps).

Good luck and happy hatching!
Before I added the fan to my LG, I had a very hard time getting my humidity to go any higher than 55%, and getting it to stay there was a chore! So mine worked out ok, by using the 'dry' incubation method. It never got very high, which didn't jeopardize the other eggs, and the ones that were hatching did just fine with the humidity at this level.

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