Stall-Dri for a dust bath?


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
NW Florida
I know some people use DE as a dust bath material, and I was thinking of putting a little bin in my coop with something in it that would NOT get rained on and muddy. They have been walking around in mud for the last week in the run, we are working on adding more sand (dirt has a lot of clay in it and it just turns into squishy mud!!!)

So with the run wet/damp, they cannot dust bathe unless I build them one in their coop.

I was thinking a low pan of some sort with DE or Stall-Dri in it. Didn't want to make it too "private" or someone may start laying eggs in there. What do you guys think?
I put the DE I have in a plastic margarita shaker, then shake it a couple times a week over a freshly tilled & newly added chips in the coop & hen boxes. I have been doing the 'deep litter method' that was explained on this site. The girl's seem to be happy, next time I'll just need to play Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville in the background!
So the girls can have a bath even when its raining out I got a cheap small plastic litter box from WalMart and filled it with sand and added a lot of DE to it. I put it in a corner of their coop. They love it. I do find poop in it, but I just use a kittly litter scoop to scoop it out and dump it into compost. Their bathing makes the sand fly everywhere, so I add more sand and DE on a weekly basis.
I gave mine a litter box with sand in it....they ate the sand. If I give them Stalldry mixed in and they eat it, would it be bad??? Sorry I'm answeing a question with a question...Anyone?
Not an answer but this is what we do:
Our coops are "open" and during rainy periods the perimeter can get as wet as the runs. Humidty rises inside to mostly match outside conditions
If needed we add dry grass hay mixed liberally with de so the flocks can have a place to dry off when they come in out of the rain.

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