Standard Rhode Island Reds

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    These are the last of my birds that I kept back as breeders. I only keep four young pullets per year and I have twelve left to this point out of 40 females I hatched. I have my breeding pens set for the upcoming year and I'd be happy to share whats left with anyone interested. My original stock came from Gary Underwood and this is the third generation of my breeding and selecting. These birds are getting some size, have good color and great feather as well as decent type. They would make a good foundation for a breeding program. I have males available as well if you are interested in a pair, quad or trio, but I only have a few males left. 2014 hatch was 75% pullets and 25% cockerels. Picture is about 7 weeks old. I am located in SW Washington, willing to ship for cost of box and actual shipping fees from Portland, OR

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