Standard Rooster with bantam hens?


11 Years
Apr 9, 2012
Yucca Valley, CA
I would like to add some bantams - specifically d'uccles to my flock but I'm not sure if the rooster might hurt them. I will have 10 standard size hens and 1 standard rooster. I'd like to add about 4 of the bantams. My rooster is an EE. My concerns are 1. He might hurt them trying to mate and 2. Ten standard hens to a juvenille rooster won't be enough if he can't mate with the bantams. Thoughts?
ten standanrd hens to one rooster is not too bad. I have seen flocks with a full size rooster with some bantam hens. It is hard to say how it will go. He will probaably try to mate with them, but as long as he is not a particularly large or heavy breed, it may not be a problem.
the bantams will be fine! i have a australorp roo with my silkie girls and everybody is happy and healthy so dont worry and have fun with them!

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