Standing on eggs


9 Years
Jan 25, 2010

My chicken are struggling to sit on the eggs due to hatch in a couple of days and are standing on the eggs, breaking them and the prem chickens are being crushed by feet and dying. How can i stop this?
The first that this happened to I left. - It died

The second I moved to the most broody chook who was sitting on a different nest as she'd been kicked of hers. - It died

The third I've brought inside in it's cracked shell and put it in the hot water cupboard with warm wheat packs around it. - It's still breathing at least.
This just happened to me too! One of the gals that had given up brooding decided to fight the faithful one as soon as she heard peeping! They crushed the peeping chick in the confusion. I tred moving the faithful one, with her eggs, into another area but she got all confused and abandoned the eggs! By the time I realized this they were ice cold! I gave them to another broody girl but it was too late.
None of them made it.

I'm staying tuned to see what others have done in this situation...
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I was told to block off the nest so the other birds can't get in. my eggs have only been in the nest for 4 days and today all 4 of my girls have been in the nest, 2 laid eggs and 1 just decided to sit there while the broody was out. none of mine fight and the broody doesn't seem to mind the others giving her eggs, but its a pain for me to have to get them from under her.
I had a broody hen that started acting up when the eggs started to pip..I opened up her area so I could take a peek, but she flew the coop! And, she did "not" want to come back in. Thankfully, I had some other eggs in a bator, so I took them in. It was so strange..she sat on those eggs all that time, always wanted right back in to her eggs when she had been out for a while, but not that day..guess she thought aliens or something had started coming from her precious eggs. Silly girl! She was done being broody too, never went back to check out the nest at all.
Back to the roost she went that night, and from then on.
So...... I just checked and none of the hens were sitting on the eggs with cracks in. Should I bring them in and put them under a heat lamp (don't have an incubator) or leave them on there and check every 30 mins that a hen is still ont hem?

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