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    Jun 7, 2015
    I brought home two 6 month old pullets about 10 days ago. Yesterday I noticed the Light Braham standing on one leg. She will use her other leg when she needs to (for example, to run away from me) but when standing around, she pulls it up to her belly and stands on the other leg like a flamingo. I caught her and looked at her foot. I didn't see any visible swelling, but I did think the bottom of that foot maybe felt a little puffier than the other foot. When I caught her I noticed she felt a bit thin, but I do think she is eating and drinking. She came out this morning and started pecking at the food. These girls are currently in a small quarantine pen in my side yard so food, water, dog crate (their temporary house while in quarantine) are all fairly close together so she doesn't have to walk far to get to anything. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Could it be bumblefoot? The Buff Orpington I brought home a the same time is eating, drinking, and acting normally.
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    She might have suffered a sprain.Does she limp when she walks slowly? Resting her leg for a couple of weeks would do her good.

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