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  1. I saw one of those "Star Plate building systems" yesterday whilst browsing some chicken website...and I was wondering if they are worth the $70 or so? And if anyone's used them?

    I'm toying with the idea of building a second coop for more chickens & my ducks...originally, I was going to go with a three sided shelter for the ducks & a smaller coop with a liftable lid for my chickens--but hubby thinks those will be "ugly." [​IMG]

    We went to Home Depot last Sunday and the price of plywood has gone from $7.88 for the 3/4" stuff to $5.18 [​IMG]

    So now--I'm trying to decide what to do? I don't have a ton of $$ to spend (actually, like NONE) and I do have some of the wood, probably all of the roofing & some of the cement supports already...but I don't want to exceed $150 or so on the building itself and the fencing I want will run me about $250....
  2. Oh, thanks!
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    I read the previous posts on the plate system and ordered a set last week. They came in on Monday, complete with a template sheet (for cutting boards) and a How To instruction book and the plates. I've got a lot of 2x4s and need to decide the size of the coop. It looks straightforward. (Famous last words.)

    I'm doing the "Field of Dreams" chicken coop for my free range birds. (i.e., if I build it, they will use it.) This coop system looked good as I'll have openings at the top so the girls can come in if they wish, but varmits won't be able to get in. I can keep the door closed unless I'm around. (No one lives on the chicken property.) I thought I'd start a post when I get going.
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  4. Awesome! Yes, please post pics--I'd love to see how it goes, the cost (if ya don't mind) and the dimensions....


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  6. Thanks! I'll definately bookmark that site!
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    I've built small green houses from the system.... it is so easy and would be perfect for animals. The strongest is the angular sides, but the easiest and most flexible is the vertical sides and the leftover plates can be used for another project. Angular sides are difficult to build to (like shelves and benches inside). Have fun.

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