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    Apr 14, 2012
    Fairfield, Connecticut
    I absolutely love chicken, and all poultry, and I am strongly against mistreated animals and I wanted to have a poultry hatchery, or breed valuable breeds but I do not want to be a large scale, just a few hundred of each bird to sell eggs/ offspring etc for profit. Are there rare breeds of poultry I could sell for lots of money. I will soon be a vet so I will not need to make a living but lots of money from it would be great to pay for all the other animals. Can you make any money selling eggs from 500 laying hens? I would like to make them as happy as possible so they would be free range layers and also does anyone know anything about growing/ making your own organic feed? Thanks!
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    Demands will fluctuate with areas and seasons, but I personally have the hardest time finding seramas. I can't order them from any feed store in my town or neighboring towns. In fact no one at any place I have been has heard of them. They can be difficult to incubate though!

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