Started my first coop today, with pics


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I have never really built anything before other than some raised beds for planting a garden. I have researched and researched coops for the past two years. I was always a little leary because I didn't want to mess something up and basically the money I spent would be wasted. Well I ordered my chics this past Thursday from Ideal. I won't get them until April 23, or 24. This has given me the drive to get this coop done. I have had my brooder for more than a year. I am building my coop for 8 hens. I ordered 2 black, brown, gold, and red sex-links. This is what I got done so far. I also went to Lowes twice to get supplies and I have the footers and framing already cut and ready to screw together. I still need to find someone with linoleum to cover my floor. I want to do this before I put the walls up. All I need is a spare 4x8 piece. I hope to get the walls up tomorrow.



Good start, maybe you'll have it in time for the coop contest. I am ALMOST finished with mine. I just need to buy a small thing of paint (touch up) and moulding!
Looks good! I got a piece of linoleum by posting that I needed one on freecycle. Gave the size I needed and had someone reply and give me my choice of pieces he had available.
I didnt mention it was for my chicken coop although he probably wouldnt have cared

You can also buy a piece at Lowe's or Home Depot, they have some precut about the size you are looking for , they are about $30 I think...

I went and got those 1'X1' linoleum squares that are sticky on the back. You can find some really cheap styles at Lowe's. My coop was the exact same size and I think we paid 35 cents a square foot. Just a suggestion if you don't find someone with some extra.
Thanks for all the comments, and the suggestions about the limoleum. While I was at Lowes yesterday I checked to see if maybe they had some scrap pieces, and they did not. The guy showed me some prepackaged 6x9 rolls that were like $22. I went to another place, salvage place none the less, and a 4x8 piced would have been $25. I just that that's too expensive for a coop. I am still gonna try and find someone that has some left over. I can still get all my walls built today I hope.

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