Started working on a chicken tractor out of pvc


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May 13, 2015
Waco tx
Well I started on it last nigh ran into a few problems but I think I should be able to get a lot done this weekend any suggestions on what to use on the coop part I'm wanting to be able to wash it out with my pressure washer
Yes sir/ma'am as of right now I can slid the whole thing around but after I'm done with the coop part i might have to pull it with the atv or my Jd 455 lawn tractor
It's 20ft long and 5 ft wide the coop part is around 5ftx5ftx6ft I think I'm going to build another one after I get this one done as of now I have about $250 in it I'm thinking it is probably going to be around $350 once I'm done
Thank you for the information on it:) :) :) I'm looking at a few designs. I'm very interested in the pvc coop and run:) :) :) Thanks!
Your welcome I used 3" for the base frame and 3/4" for the bows I probably should have used 1/2" on the bows to make the flex easier

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