Starting over...Cochin pair...Perfect Timing!!

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    It has been over 2 yrs since talking to you guys Miss ya! No more internet at home. on! Well I'm ready to start raising chickens again. Its been a while since my last flock were massacred by my neighbors dogs. BUT great news look how I went about getting them!
    [​IMG] I was on my lunch break yesterday, and for fun I went on Craigslist and wrote cochin. I saw 2 different ads one for the rooster and one for the hen. So for kicks I emailed them. I was in the area. (live 45mins away) Thought nothing else. Later, on my way home I was in the parking lot and the phone rings. The owner of the Roo. While talking to her the owner of the hen rings in. Both on the way home! WHAT TIMING! I went to pick up the hen first. I was so excited I couldn't keep my legs from shaking while pressing on the gas! [​IMG]I now have a mating Cochin pair for the grand total of $8.00.
    (these are the photos from the ad) They are so CUTE!!!! [​IMG]
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    They are gorgeous! Major congratulations to the 3 of you!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    They are GORGEOUS!! [​IMG] Very happy for you! Be sure to post pics of their little babies! Enjoy!
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    Congrats! They're gorgeous!
  5. chickfillhay

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    [​IMG]UPDATE!!! I let her out of the cage to see how they get along... They are doing great! He's cocka-doodoeling with the neighbors rooster! You can hear them late at night @ 2AM. He started within 1/2hr of arrival! I thin he likes it here. She does too! [​IMG]

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