Starting up my new incubator today and gonna hatch some chick!:)


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Mar 13, 2009
I am happy to say I got a new incubator today! And I am putting in 8 of the eggs I gathered today! More will go in the next few days until it is completely full!!
here is the pic of it!
Congratulations on your new purchase.

I'm certainly not an expert, but from what I've read I think it's better to collect eggs for a few days, then start them all at once. The reason being that they will mature together, and not be at different stages during lockdown for some while you're still turning others. I currently have 18 guinea eggs incubating, which take 28 days, and will be adding chicken eggs on day 7 so they all "hopefully" hatch at the same time. Does that make sense?

Also, I've read that you should run your incubator for at least 24 hours before adding eggs so it's warmed up and you're sure it's holding temperature and humidity steady.
Hold your horses there austyn!! lol You're getting over eager! Run the bator for 24 hours to make sure the temps hold like they need to. This is a must. It's really hard to have a staggered hatch like that unless you have a 'hatcher' to put them in when it's time for lockdown. If you put eggs in daily over the next several days, you're just gonna get yourself in trouble. Thiiiiink this through! Collect until you have enough for a full batch, then put them in and don't add anymore. It looks like you have an LG Still Air. Please, please test run it first. They are known for temp spikes.

Soooo- you already SEE what I think of your idea

An incubator is not a computer where you put in your pass word & go directly to the internet, they simply don't work properly unless you spend some time setting them up. Staggered hatches is a BAD idea in any incubator, for anybody, unless you have a separate hatcher

Listen to these other people who have spent their time in suggesting what you should do & follow their recommendations. ---It's the smart thing to do
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Oh okay thanks everyone for the info! I'm just gonna try to hatch the 8 I put in there and try what y'all said them next time! Thanks for the help!!

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