Stealth Urban bantam cochin breeding


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12 Years
Jul 21, 2007
Fergus Falls, MN
I have 4 beautful well typed outstanding bantam cochin pullets...three true lemon blues and a brown red. They are near laying age---yes its winter here in Minnesota, so laying start may be delayed.
I have kept bantams fo 50 years, breeding, hatching and rearing on my farm, However now I live in town. I have a city permit to keep hens, but no roosters. I kept my Brinsea OCE 20 incubator. I am itching to hatch a batch of chicks. I can obtain a beautiful Brown Red rooster.
Has anyone tried "basement breeding"? Stealth if you will. No outside rooster noise. Caging and housing your breeding group in a warm dry basement for obtain a batch of hatching eggs. Good lighting, good feed, vitamins in the water. Then of course sell the rooster, return the hens to the hen house and get that precious chick hatch
I appreciate your opinion and experience

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