Steel Diver rant


12 Years
Sep 13, 2009
Stanley, North Dakota
*READ FIRST! Steel Diver is a submarine Nintendo 3DS game*

first let me explain things a little:

steel diver has this mode where you can play it in a boardgame way, there are 2 teams; you and the computer (unless its download play)
each side gets 14 escourts (bascially the same as Destroyers)
5 transports
and one submarine

the submarine is the only thing that can go into enemy territory and you cannot see enemy ships/submarines unless you or they use their radar, which uses up one turn.
to win, you must take out that submarine.

when you come appon a space with another ship, you battle it. subs use torpedoes and Escourts use death charges (an exlopisive barrel that is set to explode at a certain depth)

here is a video from youtube about the game for all you visual people: (it shows things from the board game like thing on 1:40)

ok, so heres what was happening:

i was playing along, and all of a sudden the opposing team (i was playing single play aginst the DS) decides to bring its sub over and abuse its privalage of being the computer and being able to see and know what i do. it comes over and attacks my escourts. i think its not too bad. but it gets dirrect hits almost everytime! (it usually takes 2 hits to destroy a escourt, but if you hit it in the middle once, you sink it) it took out most of my escourts! when i sent down death charges, it evaded them EVERY TIME!!! (when deploying death charges and when evading death charges, you have to pick either 50M, 100M, or 150M. the DS is supposed to randomly pick a depth to delpoy or to try to evade at) everytime i would pick a depth (i'm usually very good with games aginst computers) it evaded it! sheesh!

it took out just about all my escourts and eventually it destroyed my sub. (when attacking a sub, you can't even see it, you have to use you radar to aim) when i would try to torpedo it, it moved unrealistically fast! faster than a real sub its size would go! i never hit it once! but of course when it torpedoed me, it never missed!

thankfully, after that game, i played another one, and it decided to be nice to me, and i won

just needed to vent, thanks for listening to a video gamer rant on about his games

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