Step DOWN into nesting box work?


10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
Would it work if I built my external nest boxes stepping down from inside the coop? I'd like to so the short 2x4 roost is a bit higher than the nest.

I'm having trouble visualizing it - is the darker piece of wood toward the back of the cutout section the "roost" you refer to?

OH, by the way - welcome to BYC!
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I'm not sure I follow you. But a step down nest might get full of poo...

BTW, I noticed on your photo that your hardware wire is a bit loose at the top, right underneath your coop. You need to find something to secure that to you don't end up with a night time visitor of the beastly sort. Maybe run a 2x4 between those legs and screw your wire to that. Not criticizing, just noticing.
You're absolutely correct on the loose wire. I picked up some boards today to fasten the top and a few other places. We hadn't been leaving them alone yet. Thanks for your attention to detail!
As far as the step down nests, I built them today, but got too dark for pictures. I built them on half of the open side, the other side is a full drop down door. The roost is in there now too. I'll post some pictures tomorrow (worth a thousand words...) Thanks for the feedback!

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