Steps for Slaughtering chickens??

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  1. A friend of mine has a bunch of meat birds and wanted to know if I wanted a few to slaughter.

    Can you give me steps on how to do this..

    Of course I know the first one. But gutting, plucking, ect.

    Any help would be great!

    Thanks, Lisa
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    It doesn't matter how you cut it up, it'll still taste like chicken! The biggest thing is

    1. Quick Kill
    2. Hang them to let them bleed out (about 10 min)
    3. After that pluck / skin
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    Sorry, wrong button

    3. Pluck / Skin, which every you prefer
    4. Get them in the cold asap. If you are going to eat them fresh, soak them in salt water for 8-12 hours. If you are going to freeze them then you can soak them a little as you thaw them before cooking. Go get you a good set of poultry shears before you ever get started, IMO it will help a lot and make things go mush quicker.

    P.S. Pick through the gut pile there are goodies in there too! (Hearts, Livers, Gizzards)
  5. Thanks HobbyChickener and silkiechicken!!

    I am use to butchering rabbits so I was wanted to see how similar it is to that.

    HUMMM guess I will give it a go, would be nice to have fresh chicken have not had it since I was a kid!!
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    5. Cut a little slit ( horizontal) about 2 inches under the back of the breastbone, insert two finger above and 2 finger from other hand on bottom and pull to open bigger hole. Pull out guts, then cut down one side and under vent and up the other side. Then remove , heart , lungs and whatever you might find in there and Wala your done.[​IMG]
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    Whoa.....Hong Kong Phooey???? I used to want to BE hong Kong Phooey when i grew up.
    I'm not even kidding!!!!

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