Stick-tight fleas

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    Mar 12, 2014
    Fern Park, Florida
    My buff orphanage face was covered and I flipped out and found a great thread last night from a gentleman here in central Florida who had the same problem. His suggestion of Adams flea spay and DE dust bath has those little blood suckers running. It's going to be a tough battle with all the sand we have but Mother Nature seems to be on my side by bringing us 30s-40s overnight this weekend. Seeing as the hurricane Matthew she brought us a month ago was the cause of the problem. My girls seem to have forgiven me but not my daughter for the ordeal, all 4 keep chasing her around the yard. I've treated the coop and roost with sevin dust and will keep the girls in a large air transport crate overnight, easy wash and clean in the mornings. Hopefully this will do the trick along with the cold temperatures to stop this invasion. I know it will help but not cure in one treatment

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