Still air incubator mod

Pavo Royale

10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
Gainesville, GA
I have an extra still air styrofoam bator that I would like to add a fan to. I can get the 110V fan and I am capable of attaching it to the unit. Do you think it is worth doing? I know that my hatch rate is significantly higher in the one that is circulated. Will this mod make the still air comparable to the other? I can't see why not. Thanks, Mitch
I'd try it to see if you get any improvement on hatch rates. I have a still air, and my only complaint is that the chicks never totally fluff out after hatching. But- I also have to rotate eggs around the bator so they develop at an even rate. The fan would probably be a good idea for me too.

I am hoping I can get by with broody cochins next year instead
Thanks, Rebel Convincing enough. No wonder the hatch rate in that thing is so bad. I will make the mod, and I will post results after a couple of hatch attempts. Thanks, Mitch

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