Still Confused...Quickest way to go to my Uploads? Not happy with new BYC look!


9 Years
Oct 2, 2010
Slidell, Louisiana
Hi, Trying to be patient......Trying to understand it all.....Trying to learn by navigating the site......Soooo totally confusing to me. Don't like at all. Feel in an attempt to provide a bigger and better site too much simplicity was removed for those of us not quite as computer savvy as others. Feel like ya gonna chase people away who really enjoyed the site and learned how to use the old version. I can't even figure out how to go to "my uploads" or my site. Too may steps. Just my opinion for what it is worth. Good luck all and frustrated.
Click on "My Profile" (brown button in forum menu at the top of the screen) and scroll to the bottom. You should see your albums there.

Does that help?
Eric - are you having a specific upload problem like how to upload photos or is it more or less trying to find where everything is?

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