still looking for help on pullet with the runs....

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    Apr 7, 2010
    i posted earlier this week and didnt get any helpful answers, and the problem is still persisting so i will post again

    its a small crossbreed pullet around 25 weeks old, started with her becoming thin, listless, loss of energy, diarhea (like brown water), pale face and comb.

    she went downhill fast to the point i took her out the field and brought her indoors in a cage, under heatlamp and fed chick high protein food, hard boiled eggs and water with acv in. she perked up after a few days, regained appetite and her poops became more solid looking to the point of normal. she was bright, alert and energetic so i put her back in the field last night.
    this morning she stumbled out of the hen house, very uneasy on her feet, using her wings for balance. walking in slow motion then tripped, face first into the mud and stayed in that position.

    i went straight out, picked her up and brought her back in.

    after just a few hours, shes back up, walking round, scratching around the floor as if nothings happened.

    im unsure what to do with her....? her poops this morning were like brown water again, but seem solid again now?? what is going on with her??
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