still no eggs


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
My ladies will be a yr old in March and they have still never laid any eggs. They are fed and watered regularly. I give them fresh bedding every other day. The coop is insulated so they aren't too cold. What could be wrong? I live in southwest Missouri, where normally it gets pretty cold. But this yr it hasn't gone below 30. Confused...
What breed and how much do they weigh?
What are you feeding them and how much?
Please take a picture, close up, of their heads and post it.
One is a black sex link, the other is a red sex link. I feed them the layer feed from atwoods. I'll have to get recent pics up. The ones I have are from a few months ago. I'm not sure how much they weigh. Holding them. I'd guess about 4lbs.

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