Still no eggs


7 Years
Apr 1, 2012
This is our first year with chickens. We got them back in early April and they have been living out side since around June. 4 have been laying regularly (the first started laying in early August), but two are still not laying. The two not laying were hatched the first week of April, they are Barnevelders. They both have red wattles and combs and squat. The other four are about 1 - 2 weeks older.
We are using supplemental lighting right now, and it seems to be working since the 4 are still laying on a regular basis.
Is it possible that these two born that first week of April are going to wait until next spring even though they are just a little bit younger?
Nah, they'll lay soon. I've found that the more classic breeds, like Barnevelders, tend to lay much later than those whose genetics have been bred more towards laying, like sex links or such. I bet they'll begin laying and be regular layers by thanksgiving

Oh, and, it's the sun that affects how they lay, since we get less sun in winter, laying slows. But, I think that's usually with a second year layer. I think yours will start laying and lay all winter since they're first year layers.
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Thanks the reassurance! I really was beginning to wonder what was going on with them, but what you say makes sense. Our Black sex link has been laying for months, but then they have been bred for that.

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