still trying to save this this canker????

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    I posted a few weeks ago on our Dorking. After close to 2 months, she's still alive but still is not well. I know, it's been recommended we euthanise her, but she has a strong will to live so we continue to try to help her. I'm attaching recent pics...can anyone tell me if we are dealing with cankers? "Maggie" has been to the vets twice, has been on tetracycline, batril, and sulfatrim Susp. She is on ACV, chicken vits, gets lots of fresh veggies, protein,chicken pellets, etc. She is isolated and in a heated environment. No other chickens have come down with what she has. She is severly swollen on both sides of her face and has a clear discharge from her beak when she is eating. She is no longer on any antibiotics or medications. We would appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone can give us....
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    Looks like Canker to me.

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