"stillachick" here I go again


May 5, 2015
Hello all! My name is Patricia and I am excited to connect with a forum of chicken lovers once again.I live in Wisconsin Dells right in the woods and am the activities manager at a resort here. A little background: I lost most of my flock a while ago to a weasle. I felt so guilty I couldn't even look at the coop after it happend. I thought I had covered every possible way to protect them. -- I never took their saftey for granted, so when it happened I was beyond stunned! These were my babies - had them from their start as chicks. I couldn't get it out of my head - what they must have gone through while I was a work - not having a clue! I am sorry - this wiill be only negative entry from me- I don't mean to bring anyone down. Just giving a background. Well, I guess I finally forgave myself for letting my little pets down and here I go again -- after 2 yrs away from it. I was in the chicken lovin' "business" for 8 years and at first was so paranioid about even the color and shape of their poop!! This time I want to relax and realize some natural causes sometimes occur and you do the best you can. At any rate they are better living with us then all those poor birds in those chicken factories right!?. -
I LOVE LOVE love my birds. I am a nuturer by nature and with all my grown kids and grandkids in the city - these little creatures fill my void to "baby" something. Chicken are such peaceful little creatures. (most of the time!) They have a calming affect on me. I have 3 silkies and 3 sussexs and 2 older birds that survived "the incident" and although they are too old to lay- they are beautiful feathered birds and hey! I wouldn't want anyone killing me just because my egg production has stopped!! tee hee. Ya I am an ol' lady - but still "a Chick" at heart -- therefore my member name Okay - enough for now. Talk to you soon! PS I think this is a 2nd entry.I am a little confused about what is where but I will catch on! Be patient please
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