Stix & Stonz?????

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10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
Randsburg, Ca-live ghost town
For the 3rd time in a month, I'm finding sticks & stones in my feeders. Not in the coop, nor in the outdoor feeder, but just INSIDE!!! I have found sticks as long as seven inches, & stones from marble size to larger then a golf ball, IN THE FEEDER!! Now, I live alone, (except for my chicks & cat) so I know no two legged varmint is messing w/me or the chicks. If I close them in @ night, or leave outside access open, I still occasionally find stones in the feeder! I fill a five gallon water bottle w/the feed, then invert it over the bowl, & this is hung from the ceiling w/a gap of about 1/2 inch. I also "funnel" my feed into these five gallon bottles personally, so I know there is no debris in the feed sacks when loading the feeders. The funnel size would not permit passage of stones above 1/4 inch if @ all. My coop & run has been called "chicken alcatraz"-no one in-no one out!! No chick I own is able to carry stones this size, or quantity!! My entire run is 1/2 inch X one inch welded wire. All vents are same sized wire covered. The coop is absolutely rodent proof!! Can anyone tell me where, how, or what I may be missing here??
Yes pics! Sounds strange with such small wire openings. After reading your description my first thought was pack rats. Are they found in your area? They are smaller than common rats and amazingly skilled at getting into the smallest of places and often collect things like you describe. Perhaps they are converting your feeder into a midden? Here's what wiki says:

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