Stopped Laying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jul 19, 2010
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    So I'll tell you the whole story.....I'm not new to chickens but I just wanted to make sure this is what is happening, or at least what I think is happening. Almost two weeks ago, my husband, and myself got rid of our original coop. Converted a shed into a bigger much roomier coop for the birds. Our old coop had nest box that was accessible from the outside. So we made the new coop, got it so everyone is going into the new coop at bed time, they LOVE the new roosts, the space...however....EVERYONE of my layers who are laying and just came out of molt are not laying...NONE of them. I have a few molters right now so no worries...but every single one of them. I've scoured my hidden eggs. Their nest boxes are two stackable storage bins, but I'm thinking they don't like how in the open they are....

    So do you think everyone ceased laying because I know chickens don't like change, and they're adjusting to the new coop, and should I make covered nest boxes for them again so they feel a bit more private?[​IMG]
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    I'd say yes on the next boxes. I've had mine stop laying cause they didn't like the nest box before. Switched back to the old kind and Bingo, within days, eggs again.

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