Stopped Laying?


Duck Obsessed
15 Years
Jan 17, 2009
North Eastern PA
My chicken recently stopped laying after a cage change. She started laying around 3 eggs a week starting this spring but I changed her cage to a bigger one. She continued to lay but then I discovered she was getting her head stuck in the bars, so I put her back in her original setup. She hasn't laid in about a week. Anything I can do to encourage her?
Are you sure she stopped laying and you don't have a predator stealing them? My friend thought hers stopped laying only to find an opossum stealing the eggs.
Funny part about that is Frizzle is an single, indoor chicken, haha. I was surprised she even started laying at all considering she only goes outside a few times a week to dustbathe and forge. She lives in a large parrot cage. I tried putting in a nest box again. She usually won't use one but maybe that is the point she is trying to make. I have 2 plastic eggs that are always in with her to prevent egg eating and encourage her to lay them where I put them at. I think she is upset about the cage move.

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