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Dec 2, 2020
Southern California
Hello! For those who have cl. Edged a Plastic storage Unit to a coop...what tool(s) did you use to make the holes/cuts for the doors & windows?
Does it get too dark in there for the chickens?
Thanks so much for your help! I’m a newbie and excite to get my girls a new coop soon!!
Not sure what storage unit you have, Assumed most came with doors?
If you would post a pix of your,,,, it would make things easier to give suggestions.
Back to your question,,, Most of those plastic walls will cut with a Saw. Like those pictured below

Your coop conversion will need windows for light, as well as summer ventilation. That is placed at roost level. Winter, and yearlong ventilation is placed high at the roof line. Well above chickens' heads to avoid DRAFT.
Make your chicken pop door opening at least 6 inches above floor, to keep litter from tumbling out, and things like snow getting in.
Post pix, and get more suggestions.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and :welcome
We used a storage building for a coop for years. Husband cut a "chicken door" in the back wall that would to to the run. It had windows on either side that we covered (screwed into the resin) with hardware cloth fastened to a wooden frame. We put the nesting boxes in and the chickens were very happy. This shed pictured is $599 right now. Lots cheaper than building your own shed with wood these days.

Shed for chickens.jpg
It could help to know what you are working with. I use the same types of saws Rich pictured above. To start the hole I use a drill bit to drill a hole so I can get the blade started. To me drilling a hole big enough for the blade to fit in is the easiest and safest way to start.

To attach things I make a sandwich. Put a piece of wood inside and outside and screw them together. This is the best photo I have to show what I'm talking about. Assume the wire is your plastic. Sandwiching the plastic really stiffens it up and gives you something you can firmly attach other things to. This is a pop door I made between two runs.

Fence Door Top.JPG

I don't know what your doors look like or if it has a window. You need a window to let light in. It doesn't have to be bright light inside but you and the chickens need to be able to see in there.

Most of us make what we call a pop door, maybe 12" x 12" for the chickens to use to go in and out. You can use a human door if you lock it open so it doesn't close and lock them out but that can let in a lot of rain or snow. We generally want our cops dry. That's why we use small chicken doors.

A lot of those plastic containers do not have decent ventilation. For different reasons we normally want to ventilate our coops to allow good outside air to replace bad inside air. You may need to cut some holes for that.

Those plastic sheds can make fabulous coops. Good luck.

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