Storebought eggs to encourage red stars to go broody?


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Queensland, Australia
Okay, so I've got 2 fertilized eggs, and I went down to the nest and put them and four non-fertilized store bought ones in it too... I've marked the fertilized from the non-fertilized. Oh and I've also got one of those fake eggs too.

If I leave them in there, will this encourage my red star hen to go broody and sit on them? I know there is like no chance of that happening, but I though that if tomorrow morning she layed her next egg and then she might sit on them if there are already six eggs in the nest. Is this likely?

Thanks :)
My MIL and I both leave eggs in the nests for the hens to go broody on. She's got bantams, so it works well for her

Mine is betting broody more frequently with the eggs in, but it doesn't always work immediately. Sometimes they take their sweet time to take the bait, so to speak.
Seeing as how one of my sex-links is determinedly broody right now it's possible one of yours might find herself in the mood if you present her with a sweet set up.

But don't count on it. Broodiness is a trait the breeders try hard to eliminate in commercial working birds.
Ok I've set around 7 eggs (2 fertile ones in there) on the nest. Is this enough to get her going? Will she just look at them and go broody and try and sit on them? (I know if she's a Red Star it is unlikely, but what makes them go broody??)

Also, how is it possible to breed a chicken's "behavior" out of it? :S

Thanks :)
Good question! I have ex battery hens and they go broody all the time. You'll have to keep your fingers crossed now that your lady will take the bait and go broody. She may, she may not.

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