Storing and Sorting Eggs

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    I would like some suggestions on storing eggs before selling. Sometimes it will be a week before I can get them out to distribute.
    Also, do any of you sort your eggs and what measurement or weight guide do you classify sizes ?
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    Not everyone does, but I keep all of my eggs refrigerated.

    I use a digital scale and those that weigh 1.4 to 1.6 ounces I sort as small, medium is 1.8 ounces, and large is 2 ounces. I would sort 2.2 ounces to 2.4 ounces as extra large but I don't get enough of those, so I put them in with the large.

    I believe 1.5 ounces is the standard for small, 1.75 ounces is the standard for medium, 2 ounces is the standard for large, and 2.25 ounces is the standard for extra large. But the size is determined by the total weight of the dozen, so if you have enough larger ones to offset the smaller ones, it should be okay. I'm just giving you these figures off the top of my head, so I could be mistaken but it's close.

    Hope this helps! [​IMG] Genie

    Edited to add: I just double-checked my egg chart and the weights I have given you are correct.
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    Thank you, that makes more sense than trying to use a sizing chart.
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