Storing Eggs


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Oct 6, 2018
Southern NH
One of my EEs laid her first egg today - a pretty light blue egg. Also, I noticed this week that our rooster has started mating with the ladies. I suspect the egg is probably fertilized, but I do not plan on expanding my flock. How do I store potentially fertilized eggs? How long should we let let sit before eating them? Thanks.

You can eat it right away ,
If your worried it will develop , it won’t unless your house is really hot .

Eggs can stay in the counter for many weeks , but I choose to refrigerate because it’s a safer place for them( not to get broken) and my customers like them “ where they’re supposed to be !”
Treat fertilised and non fertilised eggs exactly the same. The embryo will only develop in the egg if it is kept at high temps (chicken embryos develop normally at 99.5F) for more than 12 hours.

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