Storing eggs


Bantam Addict
11 Years
Nov 12, 2008
Hooker, OK
if you are storing them to doesn't matter...if you are going to hatch them then it is pointy end down and not in the fridge

Glenda L Heywood

10 Years
Apr 11, 2009
To store eggs for the week prior to setting
we always used egg cartons kept in cool dry area of the house
usually the back bed room where the door was closed and the temp was above freezing say 40-50 degrees
always put the pointy side down and put egg cartons on their side and each day rotate the side of the carton that is down
this keeps the eggs yolk floating freely
not stuck to one side or the other
always in a leahy or wooden incubator with several trays you fill the top egg tray
and move all of them down one
the bottom is the hatching tray
the temperature at top is higher than bottom for hatching
egg trays are always set one tray down each week
this allows eggs to get ready for hatch
the eggs should all be set once a week no longer so the maximum fertility is alive
as older eggs the fertility dies back

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