Straining pullet


Apr 4, 2019
New Hampshire
Hi all!

It's 8 pm here and when turning my flock in I noticed my NH stopping to strain momentarily then go about her business. Eating and drinking normally while I was in the coop, acting normally. Happened 2-3 times then she went to roost - one time I was able to feel her vent push out as she strained but it went back to normal when she was done. I believe she began laying Wednesday, and layed her 2nd egg this morning. I was able to view the opening of her vent and I did not see anything, but I did not do an internal check.

Trying to make the call if I should bring her inside for the night to monitor or if it can be reevaluated tomorrow morning. Will probably bring her in to be safe.

Thanks in advance for any help!
That would be great @BigBlueHen53!

She's not showing any signs of distress aside from the occasional straining I saw earlier. But where she's brandy new to laying I thought I would play it safe and check in with the experts ;) I opted to leave her cozy on the roost with her gal pals but will check on her again before bed. Fingers crossed she's just working out the kinks in this new laying gig!
She is a new layer, and since she just laid an egg today, she may be acting a bit strange. She will probably be fine, but if she is still straining tomorrow, you could feel inside her vent for an egg. She may not lay again for another day or two.

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