Straining & won't leave pond


5 Years
Sep 29, 2014
Hi, new here and desperate for some help. We have 3 cherry valley ducks that we rescued a few months ago. For the last couple of days one of them has started walking strange like she is straining and her wings are spread in odd directions. She is also constantly in the pond and won't go in her house. Can anyone help? I have attached a picture to show you how she is walking...

I have just sent a pm to Amiga on your behalf..she is wonderful for giving great advice...hopefully she will respond very soon!
Okay - just came in from duck dooty.


Just thinking random here - if she won't go in her house, is she safe from predators at night? Very important she be safe - bring her into the human house if necessary.

Possible causes - parasites in the digestive tract, egg bound, tumor, too much mating or rough mating, spinal injury, something affecting her nervous system.

She needs a close look. Get help if you must, get her into a lukewarm bathtub - watch, listen, sniff, touch if possible. Look under her wings, closely at her vent, feel ever so gently on her tummy. Is she bony?

What is her diet, what does her poop look like, is her tummy grumbling, has her bill changed color at all? Eyes clear? Nares clear? Breathing okay?

Are her legs particularly warm?
Thanks for getting back to me.

I've managed to encourage her into her house so she is secure.

My fiancé thoroughly checked her over this morning and couldn't see or feel anything obvious at all. She did not react to anything either when he was touching.

She is breathing fine and her eyes and bill look normal. She is eating and drinking fine aswell so I am out of ideas.

Will have to get her checked out tomorrow then incase it is something serious.
Did you make a video? Why do I recall a video of this?

Don't mind me - - - I do review dozens of posts on a couple of forums every couple of days.
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I didn't I was too upset to video it but I found one on YouTube of someone else's doing the exact same thing...

I asked them if they found out what's was wrong but not had an answer

I didn't as I was too upset but found one on YouTube where someone else's is doing the exact same thing...
There is a video on YouTube that shows someone else's doing the same thing. I can't post the link it's called What's wrong with my Aylesbury duck? Looking at the time frame it's possible they may have rescued their ducks from the same place that we did too
I posted a new thread on the Duck Forum linking that YT video - I am hoping someone will recognize the behavior and give us a leg up. This is definitely a female?

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