Strange baby flock behavior

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Jun 11, 2009
Traphill, NC
I have 14 BR babies that are 4 weeks and 7 weeks old, all together (I know it normally isn't a good idea to do that but they came from the same place and they like each other) They are super friendly every time I go in their pen but they have a strange evening ritual. I always sit on a bale of hay in the pen but at night instead of 2 or 3 at a time coming to visit, they ALL come and sit on me, cuddle and rub against me and they SING. It is not a noise I have heard come from a chicken--kinda like the warning trill but it is soft and happy sounding. Closer to the sound a dove makes. Anyone else have serenading chickens?
Hi DuckyG -
It sounds like you have happy chicks that love you very much! Enjoy those babies! And let's see some pictures of the serenading happy peeps

you are so lucky! I've got baby chicks with their mom - they run from me, but in the evening they all cuddle around her and she sings to them. They're still pretty young, just a week old, maybe they'll start singing too. It's a soft quiet sort of cooing. If chickens could purr that's what it would sound like.

You lucky mama, having them cuddle up.

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