Strange behavior around eggs

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    May 6, 2012
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    My girls have been exhibiting some odd behavior when I collect eggs. I wonder if anyone could share some experience with me.

    I have four hens that have been laying for about five weeks now, and three nest boxes. I usually get an egg from each girl every day, one in a nest box, and the other three on the coop floor directly in front of the nest box that they use. None of the hens uses the other two nest boxes (except to sleep

    When I collect eggs, I usually sit in a chair right outside the coop where the nest boxes are and bring treats for the girls. I'm still very excited about the eggs, so I always have to take a peek inside before I start sharing the treats--so I know where the eggs are, and how many. One of my girls has started trying to hide eggs that are laid on the floor. She will go into the coop after receiving only a few treats, and will either start to move an egg with her beak or will stand over it like a penguin does with its babies. She will allow me to reach under her to get the egg but she seems a bit agitated when I do. I wouldn't say she's broody because if I'm not out there to get the eggs, she's out roaming the yard as usual.

    Another of my girls seems to get very upset when she sees eggs in my hands. She will jump up and try to peck at them. She is my most aggressive when it comes to treats, so I wonder if it's that she thinks I've got more treats to share, or if she recognizes the eggs as eggs and doesn't want me to take them.

    Can anyone think like a chicken for me and tell me what's going on? Thanks!
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    I'm willing to bet that your hen that is trying to peck the eggs thinks you have more treats .The only time my girls get upset about me taking the eggs are when they are broody, or if they are still sitting on the nest after laying and I reach in to collect everything in the box.

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