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I bought 10 keets and when they were about 10 weeks old 9 of the 10 singled out 1 to torment. I left the birds out one night and that one was taking by a raccoon. Then there were 9. About a week later 8 of the 9 singled out 1 to torment. The birds wouldn't go in the coop one night and that one was taken. I have since trapped 2 raccoons and a opossum. Then there were 8. Again 7 of the 8 singled out 1. To make a long story short I have lost 4 guineas and in each case it was the singled out bird and about a week later the remaining birds pick one to torment. I now have 6 and when I call them in at night 5 will come from one direction and the 6th will comes from a different. The 5 will go in the run and try to prevent the 6th from entering. Is this normal?
I don't know if it is normal...I just posted something similar. I have 6 and they leave out the smallest female and chase her out of the group! I do get them all in at night, the little one hangs out with the chickens so I think that helps in the coop. I would really like to know why they do this! Hopefully someone that knows can shed some light for us....or at least for you before your little flock gets even smaller!! Good Luck!
That is normal, mine did the same thing. They are just establishing their pecking order it will be that way for a while but it will get better when they are full grown.
I have 9 guinea's. They singled out one. But they allow it to roost at night. But he is always the last one in at night. If he tries to go in before them they chase him out. But they do allow him to sit on the same roost with them. Good luck hope it works out well.
How big is your coop? Space issues might be the problem. If you have mostly males and only 1-2 Hens the males can tend to get a little stupid and pick on the other males during breeding season.

If they are 15-16 weeks old by now(or older), the 6th one that comes from a different direction may be a Hen sitting on a nest of eggs, so you might want to wander around and look in the direction that one comes running from.
I figured you would be on Peeps. You always know the answer. Mine are just mean. They have a whole yard to play in and are still mean to him. But at least they let him in at night.
LOL thanks terri, but without being there and actually watching the birds...I'm just guessin' from here

Some Guineas are just BUTTHEADS, plain and simple and you have to step in every once in a while to re-organize the pecking order for them
You are welcome. But if you figure out how to re-organize them please let me know. I am not being mean. I have tried intervening and it made it worse. So I stopped. If you figure it out please let me know how. I am serious. It aggravates me and makes me feel so bad for my one. It was pouring out today and they would not let him in the house till they were on the roost. Than they were fine.
I hope it all works out for you.
Guineas can exhibit a bully, almost pack like mentality. Their target may be another guinea or bird of a different breed. In my experience this behavior escalates in the spring when the breeding season takes place.

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