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    Hi guys.

    I wasn't sure if this should go here, or the emergencies.

    I have a hen, a few years old. I don't know exactly, but I've had her for over 3 years, and I got her as a mature lady. She has always been self reliant and confident. But the past week or so shes been really "off" Shes very alert, but shes slow. Not really wanting to move, until I try and catch her. . Her tail is pointing down. My first thought was egg bound, but it has been several days now. Finally managed to catch her today, and no signs of egg bound. Her vent is clean. I did see little white bugs. Lice I think..... Could this be the problem? I only saw a few, but her feathers are so thick.

    Oh, her face is still red, and I'm not sure if shes laying eggs. She refuses to enter a coop, or lay eggs where I might find them. [​IMG]

    As of now, my plan of attack is sevin dust her, keep her sperated and in a cage where I can catch her, and give her treats like yogurt and stuff.

    Any other ideas? What about worms? pulled muscle??

    Thanks for any thoughts!
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    IMO, it very well could be the mites that have her down. Treat that first and if it doesn't help, I'd give some serious thought to worming her.

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