Strange chicken poop!

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    Jul 20, 2016
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    So I've noticed some odd looking chicken poop this week but I couldn't tell which chicken was behind it. So I decided to deworm my entire flock on Tuesday.(5 chickens) I didn't see the poop again until today. I was cleaning out the chicken run when I saw one of my chickens poop this orange/yellow gelatinous poop. Great, now I found the culprit! Unfortunately, I have no idea if she's sick or what's going on!? [​IMG]
    The poo was originally a clump but I "dissected" it with a stick. The consistency of it was very thick.
    This is the girl that dispensed that strange poop.
    I got her a week ago from some man. Her living conditions were horrible! Since she's been with me she has gained weight, eating and drinking really well. Also seems to be very active, loves play fighting with my other girls. All my chickens are roughly 3-4 months of age.
    So if y'all could give me advice or tell me what's going on with this poop? Should I be worried?
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    Hopefully her body is just adapting to a new and perhaps more nutritious feed than she was accustomed to getting.

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